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The shift toward open source conversational AI

In July, Uber released a new open source AI library called the Plato research dialogue system. A couple of months ago, Cisco open-sourced its MindMeld conversational AI platform, after acquiring the company of the same name in 2017 for $125 million. Why are so many new libraries being announced? There …

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Surveillance at the Heart of Smart Cities

Today’s cities are living entities. They develop, grow and become more complex over time. Yet, many of their most pressing issues, such as the need for utility improvements and monitoring crime, remain the same. Like never before, city officials have the capabilities to implement analytics technology. But surveillance will be …

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The Rise of the Smart Home, Apartment or Condominium

There has been a rise of the smart home, apartment, and condominiums. No mater which place you call your home — living arrangements in urban areas and vacation hotspots have definately become “smart.” Especially in tech, most people are willing to spare no expense to deck out their apartments, homes …

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Ceramics enter a new era with laser-welded joints

What makes a good construction material? There are many requirements, but one is the ability to efficiently connect different parts. Steel is almost the perfect example: you can join steel with fasteners (like nuts and bolts), by brazing, or by welding. The last of these is especially important. If we …

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