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8 Unusual Ideas for a Dentistry Business

Today, even the field of dentistry is rich in creative entrepreneurs who actively create and introduce goods and services that may seem cool and unusual to you. Startups and innovative inventions in the field of dentistry which will surprise you. You’ll find eight unusual ideas for a dentistry business. There …

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Google expands today’s Stadia’s launch lineup to 22 games [Updated]

The hardware you get with the $129.99 Stadia “Founder’s Edition.” Close-up of the exclusive Founder’s Edition Controller. Google Shoulder buttons! Google Extra Stadia Controllers will be available for $69 in three colors, including “Just Black”… Google …”Clearly White”… Google …and “Wasabi.” Google A Chromecast Ultra is the easiest way to …

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Street Fighter V: Champion Edition arrives on February 14

Capcom has announced Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, which will come out on  February 14 for PlayStation 4 and PC. The Champion Edition of Street Fighter V will include most of the DLC Capcom has released for the fighter, excluding fighting Chance costumes, brand collaboration costumes, and Capcom Pro Tour …

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Microsoft sends a new kind of AI processor into the cloud

Microsoft rose to dominance during the ’80s and ’90s thanks to the success of its Windows operating system running on Intel’s processors, a cosy relationship nicknamed “Wintel”. Now Microsoft hopes that another another hardware–software combo will help it recapture that success—and catch rivals Amazon and Google in the race to …

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Is AI in a golden age or on the verge of a new winter?

The global rush forward of AI development continues at a breakneck pace and shows no signs of stopping. Stanford University recently called on the U.S. government to make a $120 billion investment in the nation’s AI ecosystem over the course of the next 10 years, and reports from France show …

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Kickstarting a Stagnant Company

When done right, it’s hard to identify when your company moves from one growth stage to another. The transition should be seamless and can seem to flow naturally as the company grows. When you’re a business leader, however, it’s clear that this evolution rarely (if ever) happens on its own. …

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Path of Exile 2 announced at ExileCon

Grinding Gear Games announced Path of Exile 2 today, a sequel to its hit online action role-playing game. The reveal came during ExileCon, which is taking place in Auckland, New Zealand. The studio also announced Path of Exile Mobile as well. Grinding Gear is doing it in-house instead of farming …

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When’s the Right Time to Leave the App Store?

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference used to be the stuff of legend. We waited with bated breath for groundbreaking innovation. But… this year’s WWDC didn’t feature the significant product launches of yesteryear. Instead, the crowds watched the unveiling of Apple Arcade – the games subscription service. On the one hand, it …

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